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  • Microbial Ecology of Bacteria & Acidity of Soil Microhabitats
  • Methods of Measuring and Modeling in situ acidity of Soils of Wisconsin
  • Designing and Testing the Isolation-Cultivation Microchamber Plate (Iplate)
  • Thermodyn-Shiny: An Online Tool for Teaching Biothermodynamics


Debye, P. & Hückel, E. (1923) The theory of electrolytes. I. Freezing point depression and related phenomenon [Zur Theorie der Elektrolyte. I. Gefrierpunktserniedrigung und verwandte Erscheinungen]. Translated by Michael J. Braus (2019). Archived at MINDS@UW.

Separate drivers for microbial carbon mineralization and physical protection of carbon. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2019.02.014

Braus, M. J., Graham, L. E. and Whitman, T. L. (2017), Spatiotemporal dynamics of the bacterial microbiota on lacustrine Cladophora glomerata (Chlorophyta). Journal of Phycology. doi:10.1111/jpy.12573


Ph.D. Candidate in Soil Science – Biogeochemistry (Current)
University of WI-Madison

Microbial Diversity (Summer 2016)
Marine Biological Laboratory – Woods Hole, MA­

M.S. Environment & Resources (May 2016)
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Specialization: Phycology & Environmental Microbiology

Explorations in Data Analysis for Metagenomic Advances in Microbial Ecology (EDAMAME) (August 2014)
Kellogg Biological Station – Hickory Corners, MI

B.A. Zoology (December 2011)
 University of Wisconsin – Madison
Study Abroad: School for Field Studies (SFS) – Costa Rica
Specialization: Tropical Ecology


Current Position (Begun September 2016)
University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI
Research Assistant (Department of Soil Science)

May to June 2019
University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI
Lecturer, Botany 100 (3-Week Summer Session)

May to June 2018
University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI
Lecturer, Botany 100 (3-Week Summer Session)

May to June 2017
University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI
Lecturer, Botany 100 (3-Week Summer Session)

May to June 2016
University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI
Lecturer, Botany 100 (3-Week Summer Session)

June 2014 to present
AlgaXperts, LLC (Now Algenomics, LLC) – Madison, WI
Project Assistant

September 2013 to May 2016
University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI
Biology Laboratory Instructor

  • Biology/Botany/Zoology 151 (Fall 2013)
  • Biology/Botany/Zoology 152 (Spring 2014)
  • Biology/Botany/Zoology 151 (Fall 2014)
  • Botany 100 (Spring 2015)
  • Botany 100 (Summer 2015)
  • Plant Pathology 123 (Fall 2015) – Lead Teaching Assistant
  • Botany 100 (Spring 2016) – Laboratory Teaching Assistant

April 23 to May 17, 2012
Student Conservation Association (Americorps) – Fire Island, NY

Summers of 2004, ’05, and ‘07
Camp Unistar – Cass Lake, MN
Staff & Lifeguard


  • FEMS Early Career Scientist Grant to present a research talk at the 2018 Ecology of Soil Microorganisms conference in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Marine Biological Laboratory Scholarship to attend the 2016 Microbial Diversity summer course in Woods Hole, MA.
  • Anna Grant Birge Memorial Award for aquatic sciences to perform 16S amplicon analysis of bacterial microbiota of green filamentous algae in Lake Mendota in collaboration with the Center for Limnology.
  • Research Plant Care Certification at the University of Wisconsin – Madison greenhouses.
  • Advanced Computing Initiative Student Fund to attend the week-long Explorations in Data Analyses for Metagenomic Advances in Microbial Ecology (EDAMAME) workshop on bioinformatics, genetic sequence data analysis, and microbial ecology, led by faculty and collaborators at Michigan State University.
  • Americorps Education Award for service with the Student Conservation Association.
  • Marjorie Brown Leff Music Scholarship for study and performance of the classical guitar.


Soil Science Outreach with Ho-Chunk Youth
Picnic Point — Madison, WI, USA
April 3rd, 2019 — Profiling Soil Pits

Guest Lectures, Botany 130 General Botany (Professor: Dr. Linda Graham)
UW-Madison Birge Hall Auditorium — Madison, WI, USA
February 25th, 2019 — “Algae and the Endosymbiotic Origin of Eurkaryotic Life”
February 27th, 2019 — “Structural Diversity, Life Cycles, and Symbioses of Fungi & Lichens”

Research Talk at the Soil Science Society of America Conference
Sheraton Hotel & Marina — San Diego, California, USA
January 6, 2019 — “The Divergence and Significance of in Situ Soil pH in the Bacterial Ecology of Wisconsin’s Soils Compared to Standard Soil pH”
Video | Transcript

Research Talk at the Ecology of Soil Microorganisms Conference
Kulttuuritalo — Alppila, Helsinki, Finland
June 18, 2018 — “Methods, Measurements, & Models of In Situ Soil pH of the Soils of Wisconsin”
Video | Transcript

Consultation — Algae in Golf Course Irrigation
Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC
June 13, 2018 — Golf Course ‘Cornflakes’

Doctoral Prospectus Seminar – Department of Soil Science
UW-Madison Soil Science Building — Madison, WI
January 31, 2017 — “Physiological Influences & Comparative Measurements of In Situ pH in Bacterial Ecology”

Poster – Navigating the Future of Water: Charting a Vision for American Cities
Milwaukee, WI
October 18-20, 2017 — “Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Bacterial Microbiota on Lacustrine Cladophora glomerata (Chlorophyta)”

OutreachSaturday Science
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery – Madison, WI
October 7, 2017 — Soil Ecology & Microscopy

Outreach – Grandparents University
Soil Science Building – Madison, WI
July 28, 2017 — “Soil Science Major”

Outreach – Science Expeditions
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery – Madison, WI
April 1, 2017 — Soil Safari & Critter QuestOutreach – Darwin Day
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery – Madison, WI
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 — Brown Algae & Alginate

Seminar – Soil Science Department
UW-Madison Soils Building
February 1, 2017 — “Meta & Metagenomics”

Speaker – Earth Day Conference 2016
Monona Terrace Community Convention Center
April 25, 2016 — “Algae and Algae-Associated Bacteria in the Context of Climate Change: Why Not All Algae are a ‘Nuisance Algae’”

Guest Lecture – Botany 100
UW-Madison Birge Hall
March 15, 2015 — “Bacteria & Microbial Science”

Interview – UW-Madison Center for Limnology Blog
Field Samples: Exploring the Aquatic Microbiome

Seminar – Limnology & Marine Science
UW-Madison Water Sciences Building
December 10, 2014 — “Bioinformatics and the Algal Microbiome”


The Fishmonger (2018), a poem about fish, love, perversion, and marital conflict.
Live Performance

Vistas and Voices of the Baltic (2018): Beautiful sights and sounds along the Gulf of Finland.

Juggling in Costa Rica (2016) … in a tropical orange orchard.

Amur Leopards Feeding at the San Diego Zoo (2018)

Glass Frog Eggs Swimming (2011) in a Costa Rican rainforest.

Hand-Stamped Coin (2018), celebrating Estonian Independence Day.

Op. 1 Elements No. 12 Magnesia (2018)
Original piano composition, a favorite in my Elements Opus.

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